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Hail and Farewell!

Dear Friends --


This is a bittersweet message to convey, but one that I am pleased to share with you nonetheless as it marks an exciting time of transition professionally and personally. 


After fourteen years of international business development activity, working with clients in Europe, Israel, Canada and the United States, Atlantica Group LLC will be closing its doors at the end of November, 2013.


I have accepted the position of Senior Director, Israel Advocacy Initiatives, at Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Boston, Massachusetts. 


In this position I will be working with an exceptional team of professionals to articulate and underscore the importance to the United States of a strong and stable Israel, while engaging with persons of diverse and often divergent views of politics and policies in the Middle East. 


My work will also involve developing initiatives in the academic and business communities, as well as among students on campus, throughout the greater Boston area. For more info on CJP's Israel programs, click here. 


I begin my work at CJP on December 2, 2013.


In many ways this opportunity builds upon personal and professional experiences and passions that I have cultivated for decades. Though I am of course saddened at the prospect of no longer working with our longstanding clients, so many of whom have become enduring friends, I am very excited to focus my experience and passion in this new direction. 


Indeed, I am looking forward to the future with great anticipation.


It is impossible to express fully my thanks and appreciation to the many of you who have worked with us, shared your ideas with us and taught us so much along the way.


Suffice it to say, I am grateful, and I hope that we will nonetheless have many opportunities to connect in the future.


Please always feel free to contact me at any time on my personal email,, or on my mobile, (207) 650-6640.


With kindest personal regards, and deepest thanks,


Perry B. Newman

Founder and Principal